An alternative property investment

Syndicated and Mortgage backed investments can be an alternative to full property ownership for eligible investors. They allow eligible investors to gain property investment exposure for their portfolios without the hassle of being a landlord.
We are providing Lowest Interest Rate Mortgages.
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Alternative Property Investment

Syndicated Property Investment

Syndicated property investments are where investors pool their capital together to purchase property assets, thus reducing the individual capital required and sharing the risk. While you and some friends could pool together some capital and call yourself a syndicate investor, property syndicates are usually run by large asset managers who are investing in much larger industrial and commercial property.

We are providing Lowest Interest Rate Mortgages. There are quite a few different types of syndicates out there, some will have funds available to invest in individual properties and others will have funds that hold a collection of properties for greater diversification. Some will provide a fixed rate of return and others will provide an equity stake in the property, where your return is also derived by the capital appreciation.

Property syndications can be a good investment for adding commercial or property exposure to your portfolio, potentially diversifying your investment away from residential property however they are not without their risks. Therefore eligible investors need to demonstrate they have experience in acquiring and disposing of financial products and can adequately assess the risk of the potential investment.

Mortgage Funds & Refinance

Mortgage funds are typically offered by property developers seeking to raise capital towards funding their developments.There is only so much bank funding a developer can attain, and with such a shortage of housing in New Zealand and therefore a large number of development opportunities they can quickly become capital constrained and need to look to the wider market to help them continue to fund their developments.

These funds typically fund the development of residential housing, are backed by mortgage security over development sites and pay a fixed rate of return. While a fixed rate of return can give the investor confidence it’s important to understand the risks involved. Eligible investors should understand the developers track record, what developments they are funding, the lockup period for their money and the security being given. Mortgage backed securities mean your investment is secured via mortgage over the property, but mortgages can have priority and could be first second or even third in line.

The fixed interest these funds can provide can be an attractive alternative to term deposits however investors should understand the greater risks involved. If you’re unsure whether these investments are right for you, speak to an authorised financial adviser, qualified statutory accountant or lawyer.

Equity Release

Many potential investors are sitting on a large amount of equity in their properties and look to leverage that equity for further investments without needing to sell their property. This is known as an equity advance or equity release, where the investor borrows at a lowest interest rate Mortgage against existing property equity and invests it into a higher yielding investment. It’s possible to borrow against the value in your property assets, so if you're looking to do so get in touch with one of our team to see if this option is right for you.

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