Loan top-ups

A home loan top-up can be used for both renovations and extensions but also for many other purposes and can provide a relatively cheap source of funding by using your home as security for the loan.

Sebastian Pierce

Renovations & Extensions

Funding a home loan top-up for renovations can be a relatively easy process if you use a Simpler Mortgage Adviser. We know how to minimise the banks requirements around providing valuations and plans and also the in’s and outs around the banks special interest rate Green Energy loans. Many banks are now offering very low interest rates for energy efficient home upgrades, come and talk to us about how you can best make use of these.

Vehicle finance and personal loans

Funding a vehicle purchase or other personal loan can be significantly cheaper if funded against a property asset. The residential security allows the banks to price these much more cheaply than a traditional car or personal loan. Come talk to us about your options.

Sebastian Pierce

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