Does your home need some TLC?

A mortgage top-up can be helpful if your home needs a little renovation, addition or landscaping. It's a quick and easy process to do and we can help you figure out how much top up money you can get to complete your projects.

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We can help you apply for a mortgage top-up to use for projects such as:

  • Renovations i.e. Kitchens and bathrooms

  • Landscaping

  • Installing a heating system

  • Insulation & double glazing

  • Additions i.e. extra room, second bathroom or sleepout

If you are planning to tackle renovations on your home, for example, putting in a new kitchen or bathroom, the best place to start is by getting a couple of different quotes so you can a) see how much it's roughly going to cost and b) you can compare different options and decide which is best. It also pays to remember that the cheapest is not always the best, the old saying ‘ you get what you pay for’ definitely rings true when it comes to house renovations so receiving a few quotes will help give you a better idea of where you stand.

Another tip when planning your renovation is to add 20% onto the final quote as quite often, you can get a few surprises pop up during the process. It is always better to plan for these at the start to avoid any frustration down the line.

The amount that you can borrow for your top up will depend on how much equity you have in your home and your ability to service the extra repayments. This is something we can work out quickly for you so you know where you stand and help you prioritise what needs to be done.

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Reasons to choose us:


Free Service

We don't charge for our services unless it’s something complex, and if that's the case we’ll tell you upfront.


Better mortgage rates

We deal with all major banks, and we know who's competing for new customers at any given time and who will give the best deal. We do the negotiation for you.


Better Advice

We advise on things such as loan structure, budgeting and our view on lowest interest rates. Bank employees technically aren't allowed to give their view on these and if they do it’s in favour of their bank.

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