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One of the best things about Simpler is that our entire process is done online! There is no need to leave the comfort of your home, make an appointment or wait in any lines. This is what truly makes our process simpler than any others!

We are proud to have some of the very best mortgage advisors in Christchurch and Auckland on our friendly and professional team here at Simpler. No matter where you’re based in New Zealand, our team is here to help you!

Why Simpler

If you're looking for an adviser that is friendlier, faster and makes the process simpler while ensuring you have the best possible structure, look no further.

Sebastian Pierce

Director and Financial Adviser.

Seb has dedicated the last decade of his professional life to the banking/ finance world. He’s a previous Commercial Manager at ASB Bank, where he pioneered digital banking solutions for shared home ownership, a relatively new concept to NZ.

With a Bachelor's degree in Finance, and a Masters of Engineering Management, Seb is often referred to as the Financial Engineer. He understands the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of banks and their processes, tax efficient loan structures and knows how to find his clients the best possible deal.

Seb loves talking shop, whether investing in the markets, or property, so take the time to get in touch.  Find out how he can help you on your path to a more informed financial future.

What our clients have to say

Online Application Process

Get to know you

Step 1

Our online application process starts with a fact find. It helps us understand your goals and financial position to start framing some financial advice for you.


Step 2

Once you have completed the online fact find, we will schedule in a time to have a chat - We will run over some high-level numbers, ask and answer any questions and request some supporting documents that we need to submit an application to the bank.

Review and recommendation

Step 3

Once we have your supporting documents, we put together a full application, explore all of your options with different banks and lenders and provide you with our recommendation.


Step 4

Once you have all the information to make an informed decision, we will then apply to your chosen provider with the best application possible to ensure a fast and efficient approval.

House purchase/ refinance

Step 5

If you are purchasing a house, you can look with confidence knowing exactly what you are able to purchase for. We will assist you during this time, providing you with valuations on potential properties, assisting you with your due diligence and answering any questions you may have.If you are refinancing/restructuring, we will get all the documentation ready for you.


Step 6

Once all the documentation is done and settlement has been completed, we will actively manage your mortgage and review it every 6-12 months to make sure it is still working for you and your goals.

Apply Online

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Use the mortgage calculator to calculate your mortgage payments.

When banks calculate what you can afford to borrow which is known as your borrowing power, they use additional criteria and an alternative interest rate known as a ‘test interest rate’.


‍Loan Amount:
Enter the loan amount you are considering.

Rate: Enter your expected interest rate.

Term: Enter the number of years you want your mortgage paid off.

Loan Type: Principal & Interest loans are structured so you repay both the interest and principal, reducing your loan balance. Interest-only loans only charge interest, so your mortgage balance remains static.

‍Payment Frequency:
We suggest to pay your mortgage fortnightly, as more frequent repayments, reduce the total interest paid over the longer term.

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