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Our step by step guide on the process we go through with all clients so you know exactly where you stand and what's to come.

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It all starts with a chat, whether it be over the phone, facebook, email, video chat or in person.


Get to know you

We will send you an online application to complete which helps further our understanding of your goals and objectives, financial position and help you understand what's possible.


Review and recommendation

We review your unique position, approach suitable providers to negotiate and explore all your options and then present and review your options together with our recommendation.



Once you have all the information to make an informed decision, we will then implement that decision with your chosen provider.


Actively manage

Once you’ve settled, you get to relax and enjoy your new home while we actively manage your mortgage for you. If there is a better deal for you, we’ll contact you and go from there.



On top of actively managing your mortgage for you, we will schedule yearly reviews to make sure arrangements are still meeting your needs and are best suited for you.

Reasons to choose us:


Free Service

We don't charge for our services unless it’s something complex, and if that's the case we’ll tell you upfront.


Better mortgage rates

We deal with all major banks, and we know who's competing for new customers at any given time and who will give the best deal. We do the negotiation for you.


Better Advice

We advise on things such as loan structure, budgeting and our view on lowest interest rates. Bank employees technically aren't allowed to give their view on these and if they do it’s in favour of their bank.

More lenders, More choice

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