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Refinance Calculator is an easy to use tool that helps estimate how much you could save by refinancing.

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How to Save MORE.

Turbocharge your refinance and save thousands more than a traditional rate focused refinance. Slash years off your mortgage without paying any extra.


Avoid Mortgage Loyalty Tax

How to avoid paying higher interest rates, just because you’ve been a loyal customer. Banks reserve their best rates for new customers, cheat on your bank and save thousands.


Mortgage Match system - Active debt management software

Don't be locked into a high fixed interest rate. Our Mortgage Match software tracks your interest rate against current market rates if there’s a better deal out there we’ll find it.


Learn how to ensure your bank isn't charging you the most amount of interest over the longest possible period.

After reading this FREE guide you'll quickly realise why your bank hasn't told you any of this.

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Sebastian Pierce

Sebastian Pierce

Director and Principal Financial Adviser.

Seb has dedicated the last decade of his professional life to the banking/ finance world. He’s a previous Commercial Manager at ASB Bank, where he pioneered digital banking solutions for shared home ownership, a relatively new concept to NZ.

With a Bachelor's degree in Finance, and a Masters of Engineering Management, Seb is often referred to as the Financial Engineer. He understands the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of banks and their processes, tax efficient loan structures and knows how to find his clients the best possible deal.

Seb loves talking shop, whether investing in the markets, or property, so take the time to get in touch.  Find out how he can help you on your path to a more informed financial future.

Schedule a FREE, no obligation appointment with Seb now.

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