Success and Sustainability: How to Build a Greener Property Portfolio

Recently, there has been a huge move towards protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprints. If you're a property investor, it's important to talk to your mortgage advisor in NZ about building a greener property portfolio. 

This involves utilising sustainable building materials to create a home that fits in with its natural surroundings. Every part of the building should aim to achieve net zero if possible, so any new builds or renovations should use low-energy fixtures and fittings.

Although making your property portfolio eco-friendly will cost you money initially, it will reduce overall running costs and also make the properties more desirable. 

Here are some ways you can make your property portfolio more sustainable. 

Consult a Mortgage Advisor in NZ

If you’re looking to buy a new property, ask your mortgage advisor in NZ how environmentally friendly it is already. This should give you an idea of how much work it will need, and how much additional investment will be required. A mortgage advisor should also be able to direct you towards a green mortgage or give you advice.

Look for an Area Renowned for it’s Environmental Outlook

Many communities and local governments are focused on lowering their carbon footprints these days. If you're planning to invest in a green property, finding one of these areas can be very helpful, as you are more likely to find an eco-friendly property there.

Take Care of the Materials You Choose

If you're planning to redevelop or redesign a property, then consider what materials you choose carefully. Opt for recyclable, non-toxic options that have come from sustainable and organic sources wherever possible. This isn't just important for building materials but also for furnishings, upholstery, and kitchenware. 

Remember, many synthetic materials or materials that have been treated with chemicals can harm the environment, so it is important to avoid these.

Renovate Innovatively

If you have old properties in your portfolio then it is still possible to renovate them to make them more sustainable. 

Adding air conditioning and heat control technology can help a lot, as can adding energy-efficient appliances. You can also add caulking and insulating to windows or remove them altogether in favour of double glazing. If you repaint your house, make sure the paints are free from VOC emissions that can damage the environment. If you can, add LED lighting and increase wall and attic insulation. 

Choose Sustainable Energy Options

Solar power tends to be the most popular form of sustainable energy nowadays, with many people opting to have solar panels on their roofs. However, there are alternatives out there as well, such as hydropower, green roofing, wind power, and building-wide water recycling. These can all be good options, depending on the building, its location, and the situation. As such, make sure you research what will work best for you. 

If you're looking to beef up your portfolio by making it more eco-friendly, then please get in touch. We can provide a mortgage advisor in NZ who can really guide you in the right direction. Give us a call on 03-366 6846.

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