Advantages Of An Online Mortgage Advisor In Christchurch

With everything going digital these days, you may not be surprised to find out you can find a mortgage advisor in Christchurch that has taken the process of applying for a home loan online.

In fact, it is possible to go through the entire process from initial application all the way through to completion without setting foot inside the mortgage advisor’s office in Christchurch.

Here are the steps that you will follow if you opt for an online application:

Step 1: Start the Application Process

Your online mortgage advisor in Christchurch will need to get to know you, so you will submit some personal details, your financial goals and your financial position for them to assess.

Step 2: Discuss The Numbers

Now, it will be necessary to chat with your mortgage advisor in Christchurch to go through your finances and ask and answer some relevant questions. Based on this conversation, several supporting documents will now be requested to validate your application.

Step 3: Review Process And Recommendations 

Now your mortgage advisor in Christchurch can put together a complete application to investigate the different options available to you from the different banks and lending institutions. They will be in a solid position to recommend your best option and explain why they think this is so.

Step 4: Make Your Application

Your mortgage advisor in Christchurch will put in an application for you to your selected loan provider. The application should be processed quickly as they will have ensured all the relevant documentation and data has been gathered and submitted.

Step 5: Assistance With House Purchase Or Refinancing

If you are purchasing a home, your mortgage advisor in Christchurch can assist by providing valuations and answering any questions you may have.

If your application is for refinancing, they can assist with smooth progress through the process and answer all of your questions.

Step 6: Settlement And Review

Once your application has been successfully settled, your mortgage broker in Christchurch is still an active part of the process. They will review your mortgage every 6 - 12 months to ensure it is still the best option for you and continues to meet your goals.

So, as you can see, there are multiple advantages to making an online application for your mortgage loan.

At Simpler, our goal is just that, to make the process simpler. Contact us today to start your application online, and one of our experienced mortgage advisors in Christchurch will do all the work.

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